Exfoliators, Masks, The Greats


The story: I was on a search for a new cleanser that would remove eye make-up easily when I found Evolve’s Radiant Glow Mask, in an InStyle article about going vegan and cruelty-free. I’m a sucker for brands I’ve never heard of, especially when they look this good, so I went for it. This was on Friday morning at 11am, so I was pretty surprised when it arrived the following morning, beautifully packaged, with three free samples (more on these later).

How I used it: the instructions say to slather on a thick layer and leave for five minutes. But because I’m a renegade (or an idiot) I left it on for about twenty while I ran a bath. It went on easily – I used my fingers – and didn’t make a mess. I rinsed it off in a hot bath, so it came off easily, but I can imagine some of the little granules might be more tricky to get off over the sink.


The Ratings

Skin improvement: 9/10. My skin has never been this soft. Even when I was a baby, if my face was a bottom, it wouldn’t have been this soft. The only reason this isn’t a solid ten is that for something to be a ten, it would have to remove my face and give me an entirely new, better one.

Scrubbiness: 7/10. It’s pretty scrubby – lots of tiny pieces of ground up coconut and cacao slough away dead skin as you’re rinsing it off. I like an exfoliator to hurt a bit, but if you prefer a gentler scrub, you’d love this.

Smelliness: 10/10. The smell! It’s a miracle I haven’t eaten it yet. It smells like a chocolate pudding that I’d wrestle out of somebody’s hands at the table.

Packaging: 8/10. It looks great, it works perfectly – happy to have this on my shelf.

Do I love it? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

In their words: Evolve is an artisan producer of organic and natural skin, body and hair products. Everything we create is hand-crafted using natural and organic oils, butters and natural superfoods sourced from around the world.

All our products are vegan and cruelty free and made in small batches to ensure the highest level of freshness. Evolve was set up to make it easy to be healthy and green in everyday life.

We have always made organic and natural products from natural superfood based ingredients. Our new studio in Hertfordshire, which opened in July 2014, has made it possible for us to create an exciting new collection of handmade organic products which launched in June 2015.

What’s your favourite vegan or cruelty-free exfoliator or face mask? Leave a note in the comments – I always want to find out more!


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