The story: if you’ve gone vegan or cruelty-free, you’ll know. The hours spent on Google, searching, reading reviews, finally chancing it on the one you hope will be the beauty wunderkind you reeeeeally want it to be. This SW Basics Cleanser was the culmination of one such search. It was difficult to find in the UK, but I loved the fact that it only had three ingredients. I also loved the packaging. I can’t lie; I am shallow. My bathroom shelf needs to look good. It was my first non-foaming cleanser and felt like something a grown-up would choose.

How I used it: rather than opening the bottle and pouring it all over my face, I chose a cotton pad and tipped the bottle up about four times, then swiped it over my egg-like visage. I should mention here that halfway through this bottle I did buy another foaming cleanser, and this then became my step-one make-up remover.


The Ratings

Skin improvement: 4/5.  The thing is, I went from no cleansing routine (bar a Simple face wipe) to this, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. Because it has a slightly oily texture, I needed something to wash this off my skin after cleansing. Initially, I didn’t have this, and my pores got clogged – it wasn’t pretty. 

Squeaky clean-iness: 4/5. Put it this way: I needed to wash my face afterwards – water just didn’t cut it. While it’s great after a full-make-up day to chip away at those first few layers, it didn’t leave my skin clear and sparkling.

Smelliness: 8/10. If, like me, you love the slightly antiseptic scent of tea tree, you’ll get a smelly kick out of this. 

Packaging: 8/10. Who doesn’t want medical-style bottles with black and white printed labels? 

Do I love it? I really wanted to, because I like their shtick, but I’ve finished the bottle and won’t be re-purchasing.

In their words: Our whole thing is that fewer ingredients means gentler skincare. And the simpler your routine the better. Our products are effective, easy to use, and made for everyone.

Most companies say “all natural” when they really mean “not-at-all natural.” We only use truly natural ingredients that are certified organic, fair trade, or sourced from family farms.

The beauty industry desperately needs a makeover. We’re a small team of real people just like you: we want products that really work and we don’t want to feel bullied into buying them.

What’s your favourite vegan or cruelty-free cleanser? Leave a note in the comments – I always want to find out more!


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