Tan, The Greats


The story: I’m still transitioning from mainstream to vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, and I thought that finding a fake tan would be one of the hardest things. Do vegan and cruelty-free people even want to tan? The answer is yes, and they do it very well. I bought from a couple of brands with some fairly major streaking disasters (tan streaking, not nude streaking) before I found Minetan. And now, even if St Tropez went full vegan, I wouldn’t go back – this stuff is insanely good. 

How I used it: I chose mousse, and I used a mitt. They tell you that your tan will develop in around three or four hours, but because I’m an addict, I leave it on for about eight hours and apply before bed. For the record, my favourite shades are: Caramel, for an ‘I definitely don’t fake tan’ glow, Dark Ash to look like I’m just back from a two week holiday, and Excess Colour Ultra Dark for when I want to feel like I’m from a different continent. 


The Ratings

Colour: 9.5/10. Take your pick – there are so many colours and tones to choose from that, no matter your real skin colour, you’ll find one to suit. I’ve been tanning so long I no longer know what my actual skin looks like.

Application: 8/10. This tan is pretty much impossible to streak, so I’m pretty slap-dash with my application, and always come out with an even finish once I wash it off. It’s harder to get smooth coverage while the product is still on, so if you want to tan and leave the house, it might take a bit of practise.

Smelliness: 6/10. So, all Minetan tans smell like fake tan – they just do. However, much less than products you’d buy on the high street, and the smell doesn’t linger once you wash it off. 

Staying power: 5/10. For the first day, I’m shockingly brown, the second day, I have a great tan, by the third I’m down to a healthy glow, and after five days I want to re-apply. However, I do exfoliate a lot and cleanse my skin twice a day, so this isn’t surprising.

Packaging: 6/10. The packaging is fine. It’s not something I’m excited to show off on my bathroom shelf, but then, I’m unlikely to have fake tan out on show anyway. Have lost an occasional lid, but that’s about it really – it’s just an easy-to-use, standard tan container. 

Do I love it? I love it so much. I tell everybody I know about Minetan – it’s one of the products that’s got me most excited over the last year. 

In their words: As 1-Hour Express Tans, all MineTan products contain our innovative 1(HT) Formula. The 1(HT) Formula contains Fast Tanning Actives with Quad Bronzing Technology to speed up the tanning process. Naturally derived DHA Tan Actives are combined with powerful antioxidants, including botanical fruit extracts and silky amino acids to help the tan develop faster, absorb deeper into the skin and create a dark natural colour that lasts longer. The combination of natural ingredients and nutrient botanicals provide multiple benefits for the skin including moisturising antioxidants to boost the skin’s glow.

What’s your favourite vegan or cruelty-free tan? Leave a note in the comments – I always want to find out more!


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