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The story: I’ve always had quite shit hair. None of that thick, lustrous, pony-level gloss for me. No, my hair is fine. It’s curly but not curly. It’s weak. It’s fluffy, but it’s flat. It’s always been all the things you just didn’t want hair to be. But then I went to a new hairdresser, and at Glasshouse Salon they use Organic Colour Systems. A romance was born. I started out with shampoo and conditioner and moved my way through the range until I got to leave-in conditioner, something I had always thought would weigh down my hair.

How I used it: I use this after washing and conditioning my hair. While it’s still wet, I work this through the ends, and use whatever’s still on my hands to smooth over the top of my head. I usually then let my hair air dry, or sometimes hairdryer-blast it until 80% of the wetness has gone.

OCS leave-in.jpeg

The Ratings

Hair improvement: 10/10. This leave-in conditioner changed my life. After using it, my annoyingly lightweight hair is glossy and bouncy, rather than flyaway – it even responds to drizzle admirably. What more could you ask from a humble conditioner?

Weightiness: 9/10. I’ve tried combing this through my entire head of hair and was slick for a day, but using it through the ends is just weighty enough to define, not weighty enough to flatten. 

Smelliness: 7/10. The smell is fine – I’m not hunched over the bottle inhaling, but it’s a pleasant enough scent, that diminishes as the product dries. 

Packaging: 7/10. The tippy-up bottle with a push-top works great. Better than a pump because you control the amount, and can get all of product out towards the end. Looks-wise, it’s nothing to write home about, but I like the simplicity.

Do I love it? I would marry it if I could.

In their words: For truly effective, long-lasting colour our care range builds and boosts hair’s natural health. Our unique, gentle and natural formulations are powerful enough to repair damaged hair in a short time.

What’s your favourite vegan or cruelty-free hair treatment? Leave a note in the comments – I always want to find out more!



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