The story: every so often I take a punt on a make-up brand that’s so mind-bendingly cheap it defies belief. I’ve usually read about them on a blog, or seen them touted in an article somewhere. Such was the story with Sleek. I have no problem with budget make-up – I’ve had great success with some bits from E.L.F – but it can be hit and miss in terms of formula and quality. Am on a perpetual hunt for a new cream highlighter to replace my old Benefit Watt’s Up (if you know of a good one, please tell me about it in the comments!) and have tried many, always disappointed and occasionally surprised that something so bad could really exist. Such was the story with this terrible highlighter.

How I used it: are you crazy? I’m not about to let this glittery monstrosity near my face.


The Ratings

Application2/10. I tried this out on the back of my hand, excited because it looked good in the pot. After dabbing for a while, I tried rubbing – the stuff didn’t seem to want to dry, there were visible pieces of glitter all over the area I’d applied it to, and when I lifted my finger it was caked all over the underside. 

Colour: 6/10. The colour all but disappears after you’ve applied it, but in theory is just what I’m looking for: sheer and pinkish. 

Finish: 1/10. The product finally settled into the creases of my hand, I had gold-tone glitter all over, and it somehow managed to actually dull my skin, instead of highlighting like the name would suggest. 

Packaging: 8/10. I like the packaging – I think it’s well-presented, handy to use. If the product was as good as the packaging, we’d be laughing. 

Do I love it? I’m not sure what I was expecting for £4.90, but I thought that it would at least be respectably true to its name. The other pieces I bought from Sleek look more promising, so, to paraphrase a great man, I’ll be back… with more make-up reviews. 

In their words: As one of the fastest growing brands on the high-street, Sleek MakeUP creates innovative, superior performance makeup, with strong pigmentation and high quality. Sleek MakeUP understands skin tone, catering from fair to dark and everyone in between, with products that aim to make the latest beauty trends truly accessible.

What’s your favourite vegan or cruelty-free highlighter? Leave a note in the comments – I would really love to find a good one!


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