The story: I told a make-up savvy friend that I was using a Liz Earle foundation and she pulled a face and said, ‘Liz Earle??’. And, if I’m honest, I can’t remember how I came to be using it. Probably some last-minute trawl around Boots when I’d run out of something else. I always used to struggle to find foundation that matched my jaundice-yellow skin, so have done the rounds of the make-up stands, and Liz just hit it right. 

How I used it: I’ve used it in multiple ways. Generally, because I’m a lazy sod, I use one pump on my fingertips and rub all over my face. This works great – the heat from my finger is enough to blend in seamlessly. I’ve also used brushes and beauty blenders, but, for this formula on my skin, fingers works best. 


The Ratings

Finish: 7/10. When I wear this foundation, people can’t tell that I’m wearing foundation, and I get compliments on my great skin. You can see my freckles through it, which I like. But if you want that flawless, my-skin-isn’t-real-skin look, this isn’t for you. Likewise, if you’re looking for a dewy finish, this will probably be too mattifying.

Colour: 6/10. If I’m totally honest, the lighter one is too pale for my skin and the darker one is waaaay too dark. Tone-wise, it’s pretty good for what I’ll affectionately term my olive skin (it’s definitely yellow).

Staying power: 7/10. It’s hard to tell because it looks so natural, but at the end of the day, foundation is definitely coming of my skin when I cleanse. It doesn’t slide down my face in the heat, it doesn’t cake in my fine lines unless I put a lot on, and I only slightly grimace when I look in the mirror after a day in the office. 

Packaging: 6/10. When will the powers that be create a foundation bottle that doesn’t have us scraping the bottom with a cotton bud to get the last bits out? This works perfectly well until you need to get at the dregs, at which point it becomes quite laborious. It’s made of glass, which feels lovely and solid in your hand, but which is a disaster if you drop it on your tiled bathroom floor,  or are trying to travel somewhere light. 

Do I love it? I wouldn’t say love. I feel about this foundation the way you might feel about a very old jumper that’s really practical, but holds no style value whatsoever. It’s a good product – no doubt – it’s just not terribly exciting. 

In their words: Call off the search – our luxurious, silky foundation is your go-to for the skin you’ve always wanted. Offering easy-to-build coverage, the beautifully blendable formula glides on effortlessly to deliver a smooth, even and natural-looking finish in mere moments, with an ingenious combination of spherical particles and coated pigments that offer long-lasting wear and a radiant finish. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E.


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